Premiastone Sandstone - Maple

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Maple is a sandstone with sawn cut edges and a honed surface, that reveals a beautiful natural vein effect.

Maple has a beautiful and varied colour palette, with each shade differing in strength of colour and tone. Some pieces also carry a distinctive veining. In order to achieve the desired colour pattern and prevent colour banding all packs should be opened and pieces mixed before installation.

Premiastone flagstones are available in a combination of single sizes and project packs and in a large range of varying colours from warm pinks, cool creams and subtle greys, through to deep classic blues and blacks.

With so many options it is difficult to choose a favourite, however you can be sure that whichever makes its way to your garden, it will create a natural 'wow factor'.

Please note that all product sizes, weights and coverages, stated throughout are nominal.

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Product Thickness Nominal Nominal Number
(mm) weight per coverage per of pieces
  pack (kg) pack (m2) per pack
900 x 600mm Calibrated Single Size 20 1100 18 32