Limestone is a dense natural stone that creates a durable hardwearing and long lasting surface. We have a wide range of Egyptian and Indian Limestone.

  • Egyptian Limestone is typically Beige or Grey and is known as Sinai or grey Pearl. 
  • Yellow Limestone is also known as Tuscan Limestone or Kota Purbeck,
  • Blue Limestone is known as Kota Blue or Steel Blue
  • Grey Limestone is known as Harbour Grey or Pearl River
  • Black Limestone is usually referred to by name but is also called Carbon Black

Limestone is a popular choice for patios, paths,, detailing, terraces and swimming pool surrounds. It is a durable vesitile and aesthetically pleasing. Limestone offers a rustic look whilst being releatively easy to maintian. Limestone is popular because it has an even colour and texture. 

Limestone is available in flagstones, Coping stones, steps, swimming pool surrounds, setts, and pavers.

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