Paving Buying Guide

We know that all shops have their own system and structure. So that you know exactly what you're getting from us we've created this page. Below shows you the steps you need to take to buy your products.

STEP ONE. Select what application you need the product for

STEP TWO. Next choose what size you wish to buy. Please note that this section also tells you what the value of ONE UNIT is in the quantity selector (step 4).

STEP THREE. Choose what colour you would like your paving to come in.

STEP FOUR. Now you need to select how much product you need. Please remember, the area and size of one unit is stated in the 'Size' dropdown you chose in step two. This gives you the area and size of ONE UNIT PURCHASED. 

STEP FIVE. Now all you need to do is add it to your cart or buy straight away. Your cart will save if you'd like to carry on shopping for anything else!