Cava Stone York Stone Porcelain Paving

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Cava Stone from Vitripiazza is a unique range of porcelain flagstones which are perfect for those wanting to achieve the look and finish of natural stone paving, with all of the performance properties of porcelain. The Cava Stone range presents two colour options with varying shades, ideal for adding a touching of opulence to your paved area.

York Stone from Vitripiazza’s Cava Stone range is a unique selection of multi-toned porcelain flagstones. Offering an alternative to standard shades, this selection brings varying buff and grey colours, mirroring the stunning appearance of sandstone.

  • 600x900x20mm Multi-toned tiles
  • Reflects the popular 'York Stone' colour

  • Highly Durable

  • Rectified edges

  • Colour bodied porcelain